The Stroke Of An Artist | Tracey Markley

The Stroke Of An Artist

The Stroke Of An Artist with Tracy Markley.

the stroke of an artistThe stroke of an artist. Due to the gap in care for stroke patients after they leave rehabilitation, many stroke survivors seek out complimentary methods to help them overcome their deficits.

When I was in rehabilitation I had 3 hours of rehabilitation every day 5 days a week for 4 weeks but when I was considered well enough to go home, out patient rehabilitation occurred only 3 times a week for only an hour each time.

Of course my recovery had a long way to go and I was not going to be the best I could be with such a small amount of rehabilitation.

One of the keys to an ongoing recovery is to take responsibility for your own recovery and seek out other methods to heal and overcome your deficits.

Thats what Gary did when he contacted Tracy. In the time that they worked together Gary was able to make great steps to heal regain his ability to walk properly and regain some feeling in his limbs

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