Testicular Cancer Recovery | Andy Zagami

A Testicular Cancer Recovery Journey

At the age of 21 Andy Zagami was in the fight for his life and a full Testicular Cancer Recovery was the only outcome on his mind.

After noticing the symptoms of testicular cancer Andy Zagami was formally diagnosed and subsequently required chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. Life as he knew it was placed on hold as his family rallied around him and together went on the emotional rollercoaster that many families go through when faced with such a diagnosis.

Testicular Cancer Recovery

What else may support Testicular Cancer Recovery?

In the early days of Andy’s diagnosis and at just 21, we wouldn’t blame Andy for not understanding how to support his body to heal after his diagnosis, who would?

Wellness practices were misunderstood and finding ways to compliment modern medicine was often not encouraged. It seemed to be the case that if it wasn’t practiced in Medicine then it should not be considered as beneficial.

None the less Andy, took the help from the medical teams who were just as motivated to get him back to full health and continued to search for things he could do support his body and immune system to take the fight to the cancerous cells creating disease and threatening his life.

In the years that followed Andy took full responsibility for his health. His search for tools that he could use to support his wellbeing started to show merit.

According to Andy there are complimentary practices that anyone going through cancer, can use to support healing and the immune system instead of relying on chemicals and medicines alone .

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