Stroke recovery timeline | Bill Gasiamis

Stroke Recovery Timeline

What is an achievable stroke recovery timeline? I get asked a lot of questions about stroke, the most common being, how long will it take for me to recover from stroke? Although there is no stroke recovery timeline for each unique stroke there are some things we can do to get back to health as quickly as possible. Listen to … Read More

Brain Stem Stroke & Recovery | Antonio Iannella

Recovery from a Brain Stem Stroke

Brain Stem Stroke Antonio Iannella, is father, musician and a brain stem stroke survivor. In 2009 at the age of 38 he experienced a haemorrhagic stroke while on a family Holiday in Vietnam. He spent eleven days in a Saigon hospital, five of which in intensive care while waiting for a rescue flight to return home to Melbourne Australia where he … Read More

Stroke Recovery | Clare Coffield

Stroke Recovery Clare Coffield’s stroke recovery has been challenging but rewarding. Clare’s life’s experiences have all been vital in teaching her the skills she needed to recover from stroke after a recent Brain Bleed.  As a result of the stroke Clare had been left with deficits to her arm and leg and she underwent rehabilitation to learn how to walk and regain the use of … Read More

So I decided to create a stroke recovery podcast.

I was looking for a stroke recovery podcast. I never thought that I was going to be the host of a stroke recovery podcast. As an owner of a Property Maintenance Company, the road that led to the work I do today emerged from the most hostile conditions. After experiencing the first of three brain hemorrhages (hemorrhagic strokes)  in Feb of … Read More