Stroke Recovery | Clare Coffield

Stroke Recovery

Stroke Podcast Episode 10 – Clare Coffield’s stroke recovery has been challenging but rewarding.

Clare’s life’s experiences have all been vital in teaching her the skills she needed to recover from stroke after a recent Brain Bleed.  As a result of the stroke Clare had been left with deficits to her arm and leg and she underwent rehabilitation to learn how to walk and regain the use of her arm.

Stroke Recovery

Clare realised early that attitude was the key to her achieving outstanding results and becoming independent again. She made many changes to the way she lived her life, the food she ate, the way she allowed others to speak with her and paid more attention to her own internal dialogue.

Clare has come along way since ending up in hospital and is now back to being an active member of her community.

She is recovering more and more every day and is paying attention to the small changes she is noticing

Join us for a fascinating discussion on all things from marriage breakdowns, re-inventing your self, new beginnings and overcoming stroke.

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