So I decided to create a stroke recovery podcast.

I was looking for a stroke podcast.

I never thought that I was going to be the host of a stroke podcast.

Stroke Podcast

Stroke Podcast

As an owner of a Property Maintenance Company, the road that led to the work I do today emerged from the most hostile conditions.

After experiencing the first of three brain hemorrhages (hemorrhagic strokes)  in Feb of 2012, I became frustrated with the fact that when I went home from hospital the support my family and I needed to continue my recovery and avoid a re-occurrence of the brain bleed came to an abrupt end.

I began my search on the Internet to find ways to recover my health, heal  and avoid ending up in hospital. It took ages and was very time consuming. Regardless I did come across some amazing information from leaders around the world and was learning so many things that I wanted to share but I did not have a platform and I did not have a way to collate all the information and share it easily.

After brain surgery became unavoidable due to a 3rd bleed in Nov 2014, I woke up and was not able to use my left leg and needed to learn how to walk again. Booked into rehabilitation now and while being prepared by the nurses to leave hospital for rehab I was taken to a part of the hospital call the Transit Lounge.

And it just came to me! A transit Lounge is a place I have been to before. In the context of and airport it was to a place where I currently was (like cold wintery Melbourne Australia to a place I would rather be. (like warm and always lovely Hawaii)

What a great metaphor for Life I thought.

So the Transit Lounge Podcast Was born.

A podcast show allows me to collate all the amazing things I am learning in one place, easily share the information and get to speak to some of the most amazing thinkers and doers from all over the world, people who are making a real difference and improving peoples lives to and helping people go from where they currently are, that might not be ideal, to where they’d rather be in health, happiness, life, relationships and any area of life that matters to them.

If you asked me which was my favourite episode to date, I’d say “how could you make me pick?” It’s like asking a parent which is their favourite child?

I am proud of all my stroke podcast episodes, because they all offer a lot of great information to assist all kinds of people to be healthier than they began. But if I really must choose it is the interview with Michael Merzenich, the scientist that has dedicated his life to learning and teaching how everyone can change their brain with Neuroplasticity.

I do hope you will get a lot out of this show and if you enjoy it and find it useful please share it with anyone that might benefit from the wisdom that my guest give their time up to share.

Smiles Bill Gasiamis