Embodying Grace and Healing the Body | Sally Thurley

Sally Thurley

How to Heal Your Body with Sally Thurley

After a life of intense spiritual search, overcoming personal traumatic obstacles, chronic illness, dedication to spiritual practice under a self-realized master and being called to take her spiritual experience and knowledge to the world, Sally Thurley is the ultimate spiritual mentor and teacher on how to live in the world embodying grace.

The Sally Thurley Tool Box May Be Able To Help

Sally knows the level of dedication and commitment we need to be the I AM in the world and has not only all the mystical and yogic tools and practices, but has also successfully developed her own.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Sally is passionate about working with people to find their experience of God, inner peace resulting in world peace and to finding the joy in their spiritual calling and taking it to the world as service to mankind.

Sally Thurley knows from experience that suffering can be a divine calling, a spring board to hope, freedom
and love and can be overcome.

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