Running After Stroke | Donna Campisi

Running After Stroke

How to get back to running after stroke

Stroke Podcast Episode 28 – Getting back to running after stroke with foot drop was not really something on Donna’s mind until her early 40’s.

At 8 years old, Donna survived a stroke (and other serious complications) and doctors said she would never walk or talk again. At 14, she was in a critical condition and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Running After StrokeDonna leads by example and as an Adventure & Performance Coach, her programs are about resilience, achievement, self-belief, pleasure and getting out of your comfort zone, which gives participants confidence to achieve any further goal they set.

Donna loves to turn her BIG scary dreams into a REALITY taking many baby steps and training to eventually run the full Melbourne Marathon

It all started in 2012, where she set her own challenge: a campaign called ‘Run Donna Run.’ She planned to go from being able to run ONLY 30 wobbly steps in November 2012, to completing a marathon in October the following year.

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Marathon running after stroke with foot drop.

Her marathon success raised over $36K for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, and inspired many followers, and proved that – there’s no such thing as can’t.

She is now an inspirational speaker, speaking to thousands of people both in Australia and internationally.

Donna is the author of the book ‘The Unlikely Marathoner – How to conquer your big goal and run with it’, which gained keen interest before printing even started. In the book Donna share the story of how she got back to running after stroke.

She has a blog on, inspiring many people around the world, and you can also check out her range of RunDonnaRun tops there- for men and women, to keep motivated.

Donna’s background in business development and life coaching, and being an expert in conquering her own big challenges, has led her into coaching women, to get their dream business up and running!

Get back to running after stroke, take the challenge.

Donna is a woman who takes a challenge and believes it is achievable when broken into ‘baby steps’ and having the right mindset. She explains with confidence: ‘Don’t just take opportunities when they come… Create opportunities!’

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