Rewiring The Brain | Michael Merzenich

Neural plasticity and rewiring your brain.

Stroke Podcast Episode 27 – If you have had a similar experience with stroke as I, Rewiring the brain may be just as important to you as it to me. After I experience 3 brain bleeds between 2012 and 2014.  I have left no stone unturned while on the search to recover the deficits that I gain after brain surgery to save my life and stop a faulty blood vessel from bleeding.

You can listen to some of my story here.

Rewiring the brain.When I woke after Brain surgery in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, complications meant that I could no longer feel my left leg and arm. I studied everything I could find about what I could do to help me in my recovery. Thats when I came across the work of Dr Michael Merzenich.

Often referred to as the father or Neuroplasticity, in his early career Dr Michael Merzenich was part of the team that developed the early practical prosthetic device models that later became commercially know as the cochlear implant that helps deaf people hear.

Rewiring the brain offers hope.

In the early 1990’s Dr Merzenich set out to find applications of his teams research findings that the brain was in fact able to change and devised a program to help neurologically struggling children and adults.

Dr Merzenich is the founder of Brain HQ the brain training application helping people enhance their brain function and
his most recent book is called Soft Wired – How the science of brain plasticity can change your life.

In the interview I will ask Dr Merzenich about how Neuroplasticity can be used to support people that are recovering from brain injury and specifically after stroke.

We also discuss the matter of how General Anaesthetic can create premature aging of the brain, particularly for people that have not had a brain injury as well as people with a compromised blood brain barrier.

Michael Merzenich the father of Neural Plasticity talks about rewiring the brain.