How Reiki supports healing | Deb Dalziel

Deb Dalziel Reiki Practitioner.

Deb Dalziel  has a passion for learning and personal growth, helping people connect within for healing & wellness. This passion has guided her career choices from Primary Teaching to the Business Sector as an Executive Coach, Trainer and Facilitator and in 2006 founding my own Training Company, Fresh Outcomes.

Deb DalzielDeb’s study continues within her own daily practice as well as attending retreats and other studies.

In 2012 Deb Dalziel also studied with Inamoto Hyakuten extending her personal practice. She has also studied, with Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source for healing with animals. Our pets, animals are amazing teachers.

I met Deb soon after my first brain haemorrhaged experience in 2012, where we trained together by chance at a few of the same courses where we became friends and since the I have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of Reiki sessions at her practice and always feel amazingly calm and deeply relaxed after the visiting.

Our chat is an opportunity for me to catch up with Deb, but also get an insight into what Reiki is and why it is supportive for people when they are experiencing a difficult time in life.

Deb Dalziel Professional Development.

Professional learning has been a key part of Deb’s journey and goes beyond her teaching degree. Deb is achieved a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Accredited in TMS (Team Management Systems) a Practitioner of Spiral Dynamics (with Chris and Natasha Cohen), and a Certified mBIT Coach (mBraining) and Clean Language Coach with training under Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.

For Deb this study is akin to developing her whole self emotionally, psychologically and a wonderful support to the spiritual.animal reiki with deb dalziel

From her practice in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs Deb offers Distance Healing, Animal Healing, Healing for children and Hands On Healing. Check out the website here.

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