Recovery from post natal depression | Dawn Rieniets

Recovery from Post Natal Depression.

Post Natal Depression effects 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men.

Post Natal Depression Recovery

According to the website Postnatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) can be devastating and debilitating illnesses that can persist and affect not just a new mother but everyone around her.

It is not a modern condition. Each generation calls it something different.

What we call PostNatal Depression and Anxiety today may have been called a ‘nervous breakdown’ fifty years ago.

Post Natal Depression and Anxiety can be mild, moderate or severe and symptoms can begin suddenly after birth or appear gradually in the weeks or months during the first year after birth.

Post Natal Depression and Anxiety occurs in all cultures and can happen to child-bearing women of all ages. Pregnancy is the common factor. It can happen after miscarriage or stillbirth, normal or traumatic delivery, or caesarean delivery.

After which pregnancy will post natal depression occur?

Post Natal Depression and Anxiety happens not only after a first baby. PND can occur…

  • after a third or fifth baby.
  • with the first baby only.
  • It may happen with a third baby, but not with the first two.
  • in some cases, after each pregnancy.

An American expat in Australia, Dawn struggled to smoosh motherhood into her already complex identity but that didn’t stop her looking for bliss (and kangaroos) even without a map.

This particular road lead to a dormant love for acrylic paint which ultimately helped Dawn heal from post natal depression.

Dawn lives with her farm-raised Aussie husband and half-American baby girl. Aside from raising a human and doing laundry, she’s always creating.

Creating sentences, recipes, artwork, lists, goals, designs, DIY projects, anything to keep the muses at home and the smiles plentiful.

Post Natal depression can sometimes be assisted by developing your purpose in Life.

Listen to episode 2 to learn how to develop your life’s purpose.

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