The Pursuit of Life’s Purpose | Louise Gilbert

The Pursuit of Life’s Purpose | Louise Gilbert

Louise Gilbert is regarded as an innovator and has broadened the parameters of education with her cutting edge, holistic approach to teaching and learning. She asks big questions – ones that at this time in human history are critical. What is a real education? What is it we really want for our children? For our educators? Ourselves? For our loved ones? And ultimately, for humanity?


Louise Gilbert

She says, “It’s really very simple. Education is the business of human development, first and foremost. We must remember that we are developing human beings here. Helping them to discover themselves, their gifts, their passions, what they want to share with the world, who they truly are. Then everything else will fall into place. Students will be happier emotionally, they’ll do well academically, teachers will have less behavioral issues in class, less stress and ultimately our future generations will be prepared – emotionally, intellectually, spiritually – for overcoming the great challenges of our time.”

Louise Gilbert’s professional development.

Louise holds a Bachelor of Arts/Law and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Louise has a strong interest in neuroscience and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She is also a Certified Professional mBIT Coach. As a teacher, Louise has wide experience, having taught in public, private and international schools. She has also been Head of Year Level, a Youth Counselor and a is a former Founding Board member of the UK charity, India Street Kids and Great Oak School in Houston, Texas.

If you have ever had a dream which seems to be eluding you at the moment,  stay focused the road might be bumpy and at times feel like you are off course, but the best results often come from places we didn’t expect.

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