Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis | Natalie Shultz

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis – MS.

From the best she can tell, Natalie Shultz has been sharing the real estate in her head with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since the year 1999 right after the birth of her second child.

That is the earliest memory she can pinpoint her symptoms. She was in and out of doctors offices over the next several years trying to figure out what was going on. She had been given antidepressants, anxiety drugs, told to exercise, told she had IBS, sent to the eye doctor, sent to the dentist, CT scans….and so on.


A difficult road to Multiple Sclerosis Recovery

So, she stopped going to doctors, she felt like she was getting no where and fast. As her former life began to crumble and enormous amounts of pressure and stress built within her body, she began to have more and more trouble that started to effect her daily living.

Natalie of course was too stubborn and tainted from her last experiences with doctors, and excused every episode away.

She focused on rebuilding her life and doing things her way with no excuses, no regrets.

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