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Can hypnotic suggestion help when managing pain after stroke?

Stroke Podcast Episode 26 – While there are many pharmaceutical products to help when managing pain after stroke that are very successful the long term use of pills is not ideal. When I recently met the latest guest on the stroke podcast I couldn’t help but wonder whether there are other tools we could use to help pain management.

In this episode Kevin Grise share how he stumbled on using hypnotic suggestion to help others managing pain and the success he had, while in the army as a university student in the late 1970’s.

managing pain after stroke

Why I need help with managing pain after stroke?

My personal experience with pain relate to my condition, occurred after surgery to remove the faulty blood vessel that had bled 3 times in as many years.

When I woke from surgery I could not feel my left arm and leg and although the numbness was not painful, something else was causing pain.

My sensory neurons (that ones that help you feel) had been injured and as a result where more sensitive to touch. When you touch my hand gently that hurts but when you touch my hand with more pressure it does not.

Also as I walk, because the signal to the brain from the foot has been altered, my muscles tense in order to keep me upright and this causes muscular stiffness and joint pain.

I personally got a lot from this episode I hope you did as well.

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