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Managing Stroke Recovery While In The Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Support

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Intensive Care Support

Stroke Podcast Episode 32 – Many people who experience a stroke may need to spend some time in the intensive care unit. Is your loved one currently in hospital in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit)?

Patrik Hutzel is an Intensive Care nurse who provides support services for families who’s loved ones are in a serious health crisis in hospital and the doctors are asking family members to switch off life support.

In this episode you will learn that life support can now be arranged for your loved one at home.

ICU at home can have many benefits for families.

  • Travelling to and from hospital can cease
  • Costly accomodation expenses can be avoided
  • Time off work can be minimised and
  • Routine can be restored

I pray that no one ever ends up in this situation but in the event that they do its important to know that now hospitals are seeing the benefits of offering ICU at home as a way to make beds available for other patients.

Withdrawing life support.

Many families have been faced with this situation and it is never easy.

While removing life support may be inevitable at some stage you do not need to feel rushed into agreeing to the request. You can now negotiate with the hospital to extend life support until you or the family have all had enough time to come to terms with a difficult situation, but most importantly you can ask for life support to be provided at home.

Whilst not everyone will be able to negotiate life support at home for their loved one, this episode of the podcast will shed some light on what your rights are as next of kin in the event that your loved one ends up in intensive care.

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