Creating an amazing life | Tina Murray

Creating an amazing life.

‘Tina Murray has been designing lives for over 30 years.

A commercial interior designer, speaker, mentor and author of the book ‘Design You: Create the Life You Want’, like you ‘Tina has experienced love and loss.

Like many of us, she spent her 20’s and 30’s doing all the things we ‘should’ do: climbing the proverbial career ladder, marrying, taking out a mortgage, travelling far and wide, developing close friendships and caring for her family.

With divorce, redundancy, failed IVF, unfulfilling relationships, and being shaken by her Mum’s failing health and the death of 2 of her close friends, ‘Tina transformed her life from the treadmill of ‘shoulds’ to the freedom of living by design. ‘Tina now uses her positivity, perception, wealth of experience and practical insights to help individuals and companies design lives and experiences in true alignment with their values, desires, dreams and purpose. Honest, authentic and real,

‘Tina walks her talk and shows us that it is possible to find our unique purpose and design a genuine, fulfilling life where happiness and fulfilment are achievable. To go from where you are now to where you want to be, Design You.

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