A conversation with a psychic medium | Laura Powers

A conversation with a Psychic Medium.

Over the last several years Laura Powers has shifted from being unemployed, sick, and overweight to healthy, happy, and working as a Psychic, Model and an Author.

Laura Powers

She has gone through a total health, and life transformation, healing poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), leaky gut, and depression by changing her diet and lifestyle.

Laura combined traditional medicine, with the complimentary modalities of naturopathy, nutritionists and psychics to help her go further on her healing journey.


Psychic Medium Laura Powers

Laura has been featured by buzzfeed, nbc, and Motherboard Magazine and by Vice among others.

She is passionate about helping others heal and know that vibrancy, health and happiness are possible, despite how unhealthy a person might start out.

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