How To Change Career After Stroke | Paul Higgins

Change Career After Stroke

Change Career After Stroke

If you are like me you probably needed to change career after stroke.

Change Career After Stroke - Corporate EscapeeYou may have some ideas you have not taken action on you may be part of the way there and not yet turned a profit, what ever the reason you are looking to make a change the journey to re inventing yourself can be frustrating, lonely and lengthy.

I was seven years into growing my business when stroke happened to me and early on I managed just, to keep the business afloat. By the time I was 4 years into my stroke journey my health needed a change of pace.

Starting from scratch was never going to be easy, and what would have made things better is exactly why I invited Paul to be a guest on the show.

Paul Higgins is a corporate escapee and after making the brave step to GO, he spent 5 years building startups and learnt the hard way what worked and often – what DIDN’T !!!

Not wanting others to go through the same challenges Paul created build live give. An online community supporting others looking to change their career avoid some of the pitfalls.

To connect with Paul go here.

Watch the interview on Youtube below.

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