Brain Stem Stroke & Recovery | Antonio Iannella

Recovery from a Brain Stem Stroke

Brain Stem Stroke

Stroke Podcast Episode 29 – Antonio Iannella, is father, musician and a brain stem stroke survivor.
In 2009 at the age of 38 he experienced a haemorrhagic stroke while on the trip of a lifetime with his family in Vietnam.

Brain Stem

Brain Stem Stroke

Antonio spent eleven days in a Saigon hospital, five of which in intensive care while waiting for a rescue flight to return home to Melbourne Australia where he was admitted back into hospital to continue his recovery and undergo three months of rehabilitation.

Recovery from a Brain Stem Stroke

Stroke took alot from Antonio at the beginning and he has had to relearn how to sit, stand, walk and talk again.

Inspired by his family and friends his dedication to the recovery process, commitment to the tasks he had to achieve, as well as a positive outlook on life, Antonio continues his recovery Carefully managing the stroke deficits he now lives with.

This father of three girls, has re built his life is now a volunteer at the National Stroke Foundation in Australia and has reinvented himself from a building and construction project manager to a music producer from his recording studio – Studio four99.

His stroke may have taken part of his previous self but Antonio is grateful for all it’s given him as well. Prefer to watch online rather than listen? Take a look at the full interview on youtube by clicking the image below.

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Sign’s of Stroke 6:40
Bedside manner 12.26
MRI’s 24:04
Meditation 25:21
Anxiety and Depression 26.13
Emotional Impact Of Stroke 30:50
Symptoms Of Stroke 33:43
Laxatives After Surgery 34:10
Reinventing Yourself After Stroke 40:45
Parenting After Stroke 45:27
Noise Sensitivity 57:40
Driving After Stroke 59:26