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Blue light and Sleep

Blue Light. Alex Fergus a New Zealander living in Sydney at the time of this recording coaches some of Australia’s top executives; helping them look and feel amazing through natural lifestyle choices.

Blue Light

Alex has a passion for improving health and fitness. He grew up in New Zealand participated in a lot of sports.
He represented his country in Rowing, won national bodybuilding titles and broke powerlifting records.I always wanted to be healthier, faster and fitter.

This thirst to improve lead Alex into the world of health coaching. Others came to me to learn what I was doing.

He continues to read, study, experiment, listen and learn.

Like most of us Alex has suffered his own health woes – from being a horrible sleeper, embarrassingly low levels of testosterone and gut issues. Through these setbacks he has learnt even more about the body – not only how to heal from these issues, but how to avoid them altogether.

Today Alex continues to learn ways to optimise his own and his clients health and fitness, but also the people around him, family, friends and society as a whole.

Can I decrease the risks of Blue Light?

Alex also is the founder of selling products that help people improve sleep by living in sync with their natural light cycles. Alex is personally driven towards optimising his own health & performance by combining ancestral protocols and modern day science. He shares his knowledge in his blog at

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