Blood Clot Stroke | Donna Bouten

Healing from a blood clot stroke

Managing the aftermath of  blood clot stroke.

Donna Bouten is a carer for her partner and recently experienced a blood clot stroke that she is recovering well from.

Blood Clot Stroke is the most common

Some stroke foundations report that up to 87% of strokes are cause by blood clots.

Donna contacted me after she came across a face book post I did some time ago, on Neural Plasticity with Dr Michael Merzenich.

Dealing with a blood clot stroke

She found the interview very compelling and decided to get in touch with me for a chat, in the hope of connecting with more people that have been through something similar to herself.

I asked Donna to be a part of the program because I know from first hand experience, that talking about the stroke that happened to us can be very therapeutic and can help others going through something similar.

If you have experienced a stroke and got a lot out of this interview please get in touch. Also please feel free to share this interview with other that you feel may benefit.

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