Beating Breast Cancer | Brigette Sigley

Beating Breast Cancer

Beating Breast Cancer. Brigette Sigley is in her early forties and feels fabulous, although it has not always been that way.

Beating Breast CancerWhen Brigette was 40 she was diagnosed with breast cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes. This was her second serious diagnosis. Brigette felt like her train had been derailed. She went on a 2-year transformational journey to learn how to get well and stay well.

Brigette believes her diagnosis happened for a reason. To help others make the most of their life. She has transformed her own life. Brigette sold her stressful City business because she realized one day that it was not making her happy. Instead she committed to doing something inspirational with her life and so Focus on Living was born.


Brigette Focused on living while beating breast cancer.

Focus on living then transformed into an online resource called Focus on Living School where anyone facing a diagnosis of ill health who may be on the path of beating breast cancer can go and take part in some well being practices.

It’s a space, all about sharing what Brigette has learned and also the wisdom from the amazing experts she came across on her journey so that you too can take control of your health and well-being and focus on living.

Here is some positive feedback from people that have participated in the focus on living school.

“I love the program that Brigette has created.  It is teaching people on the program to be  empowered on their wellness journey. The  fact that it is online means it can be integrated with medical treatment. Anything that helps self esteem and wellness is good for the immune system which in turn aids recovery.”

David Hunter-Smith 

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