10 Steps to Brain Health for Stroke Survivors Program


Take control of your recovery…

When a stroke happens, it’s so sudden and unexpected that it feels surreal. Your first thought is, ‘This can’t be happening to me’. Your life is turned upside down because you can no longer do the simple things you took for granted before. You feel out of control and afraid.

Recovery can be a long and difficult process. Progress feels frustrating slow, and there are long stretches in between appointments with your medical team that surely could be used more proactively. And when you have a question or want to know more, it’s hard to get access to your medical team outside your planned appointments, not to mention that physically getting there is incredibly draining.

This is the situation Bill faced personally after two strokes in 2012 a third stroke in 2014 and surgery in Nov 2014.

Bill was frustrated with waiting around between appointments to be told what to do next. He wanted a roadmap that showed him the steps towards recovery, and he wanted to take back some control over the process.

What happened next was a 2 year search for strategies that would complement the treatments from his medical team and accelerate his recovery.

The results surprised his medical team. The process Bill designed for himself not only accelerated his recovery, it made him healthier and happier than before. Bill was able to shrug off the ‘stroke victim’ label he’d taken on, and create a new identity: a happy, healthy and productive person on a personal mission to make an impact.

The 10 Steps to Brain Health for Stroke Survivors Program will give you a roadmap for recovery, with strategies to apply at each step of the way, to complement your medical treatment and accelerate your recovery.

You’ll feel more positive, energised and in control of your recovery. Stop feeling like a victim who must wait to be told what to do next.

The 10 Steps Program is launching in 2018. Sign up now for early access and take control over your recovery.

Program commencing 2018.